Seleção para pós-doutorado em genética na Bélgica


Seleção para pós-doutorado em genética e Melhoramento animal na Bélgica (Texto em inglês)

Position Announcement: 45 months Postdoctoral Scholar position in Belgium

A research position at the rank of Postdoctoral Scholar is available at the Numerical Genetics, Genomics Modeling Group of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liège in the area of Animal Breeding and Genetics with particular emphasis on the Integration of dominance effects in whole genome-prediction methods to improve the selection of livestock species.

This position is for up to 45 months. It is partially financed by the FNRS research foundation, with a co-financing from the Belgian breeding industry.

The candidate is expected to be willing, based on her/his research results, to contribute to the development and implementation of advanced genomic crossbreeding genomic evaluation systems in Belgium. This position is therefore an unique opportunity to cover the whole process of computation of genomically-enhanced breeding values (and crossbreeding effects), from basic research to implementation. The individual is expected to be able to develop methods, to program, to perform data analysis, to present research results at conferences and to stakeholders and to write manuscripts for publication. The selected individual is also expected to help in the training of students and to contribute in writing of grant proposals.

The candidate will be expected to fulfill already all legal requirements to work in Belgium and to have a Ph.D. in Animal Breeding or in related fields with expertise in quantitative genetics, statistical design and data analysis. The awarding of the Ph.D. has to be obtained not longer than 5 years ago (extended for one additional year per childbirth and/or adoption). The working place is Gembloux. The candidate should be able to integrate in a diverse environment with collaborations within the University of Liège with the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine (Prof. Michel Georges and Dr. Tom Druet) and with the Belgian swine and cattle breeding industry in particular working with the Walloon Breeding Association (AWE)

Salary is based on the First assistant salary scale leading to at least 2200 € net salary per month (no dependent children) after paying taxes and social security. The contract will be written with a trial period of six month with an extension towards 45 months pending performance.

Interested persons should submit curriculum vitae, a statement of research experience and interest, and contact information for three references. The position is immediately open, therefore the starting date is when a suitable candidate is identified, the FNRS has confirmed her/his illegibility, and she/he can begin the post. Postdoctoral associates are eligible and are encouraged to participate in courses to expand their skill set. This position can lead for exceptionally high-performing individuals to permanent positions financed by the FNRS.

Please send the requested documents electronically as a single PDF file to <> .

Dr. Nicolas Gengler

Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics

Numerical Genetics, Genomics Modeling Group

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

University of Liège

Passage des Déportés, 2

B-5030 Gembloux




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