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Training for Qualified School Fabio Vicentini TRAINING FOR QUALIFIED. SANTOS (13) – 99787-8976. (LIVE). It is located on the South Coast. Contact Fabio Vicentini ESCOLA FV.
(13) – 99787-8976. (LIVE).


It is located on the South Coast.


Contact Fabio Vicentini




WE ATTEND: ABC- Cubatão – Santos – São Vicente – Praia Grande – Mongaguá.


Nowadays it is common to find the Personal Trainer, that professional who personally helps and almost daily the client to maintain his physical form. But what few people know about is the Personal Driver service.


This is the work done by instructor Fábio Vicentini. The course is aimed at people who have some kind of difficulty, lack of confidence or driving restrictions.


The service is pioneering and exclusive in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Classes are individual and the instructor seeks the student at home, at work or wherever he is for all activities.


At the beginning of the course, the instructor assesses the student’s ability and from there develops the best work planning, which includes the basics of driving, day-to-day situations and motorway trips.


At the end of the Personal Driver follow-up, the student will be fully able to face the traffic of the largest cities, as well as to make long trips with tranquility and security.


It is important to remember that the student needs to be qualified and the course does not replace the mandatory classes and the entire process to acquire the qualification.


The Personal Driver program follows the name to the letter. All classes take place in the Delivery Class system, in which the instructor meets the student, wherever he is. The course is so personalized that it is the client himself who makes his schedule.


In addition to the differentiated structure in the class system, they are done in the student’s own car.


Always transmitting calm and tranquility, Fábio Vicentini passes the content of the classes with clarity and precision to the students. The approval to date is 100%.


The monitoring of the Personal Driver has a load of 10 class hours, distributed according to the availability and needs of the client.


The course is divided into three parts: basic driving techniques, reproducing everyday situations and developing road techniques.


As in a physical evaluation, Vicentini uses the first classes to see how the student is driving and then make a more appropriate schedule for each one.


At the beginning, the Personal Driver developed the control of the pedals and the driving technique of the customer. These factors generate more control, safety and facilitate the driving of the vehicle in common situations, such as uphill, resumed, contour curves, detours, lane changes and overtaking.


After sharpening the technique for driving the vehicle, the student begins to simulate the situations he encounters in his day-to-day, to become familiar and not be caught by surprise. This consists of trips to the supermarket, college, shopping or work.


Prepared to face the traffic of a metropolis, the student reaches the final stage, which is to apply his knowledge on the road.


Fábio Vicentini has been involved with education behind the wheel for over 15 years. He started his job as an instructor in 1996, teaching classes for future car and motorcycle riders. That same year he was part of the rescue team of the Brazilian GP of Formula 1.
It is part of CEOC. Competition Officers’ Excellence Center recognized by the FIA.


In 1996 Vicentini started his work as a defensive driving instructor and driver test instructor (a role exercised at BMW and Volvo, GM, BMW, Ford, Kia and in 1998 he started to perform the exclusive Personal Driver service.


He also serves as a test drive driver and instructor, both on motorcycles and cars. Currently, he also teaches competitive driving lessons at Alpie – Escola de Pilotagem, at the Interlagos race track, in São Paulo.



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